Recovery of ERP Software

Recovery of ERP Software – ITP were recently tasked with recovering a client’s SQL server which had run out of space due to an errant log file expanding to 400gb.

The first issue we had to contend with was the amount of complexity involved with the server. It was running on virtual machine software, had virtual machine backup software schedules, the ERP software, and finally the SQL databases and log files.

  • Virtual Machine Software
    We were alerted to a space issue on one of the servers which held the SQL server’s virtual machine, which was caused by the aforementioned log file. This issue needed to be addressed and required consolidation of the virtual disks. While this was being completed, we moved onto step 2.

  • Backup Software
    We then had to ensure that the backup services were running correctly and not interfering with the changes we needed to make to both the virtual server and the SQL databases on the server. Once this was completed, and the consolidation was finished we moved onto step 3.
  • SQL Database Log File
    As soon as the consolidation of the virtual machine files had completed, we were able to address the space issue on the virtual server and then power it on. We were able to shrink the SQL transaction log file, allowing the customer to get back up and running with their ERP software.

  • Final steps
    Before we could be happy that the client’s ERP needs were met and their business was fully functional, we would have to ensure that the problem wouldn’t reoccur. We pinpointed the root cause as a log backup issue between SQL and the virtual machine backup software and were able to rectify it.

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