At ITP we have an in house Helpdesk system which allows us to keep track of supporting issues for our clients. It can also be used by the clients themselves to look at current issues and get updates about what’s currently happening.

If you’d like to submit a new ticket to the helpdesk then the easiest way is to send over an email to

Please include the following information:

• Your full name
• Your contact telephone number
• The company you’re from if applicable
• Details of the issue you are having, including any equipment details like laptop / printer make and model.

The link to log onto the Helpdesk to view your tickets is as follows:
Here you will be taken to a sign in page where you will have one of the following options.
• If you have logged in and used the helpdesk portal before then please sign in here with your username and password.
• If you have never used the helpdesk portal before but you have had tickets created by ITP in the past, then you can either give us a call to set you a password, or click the forgotten password button and enter in the email address that you have used for tickets in the past.
• If you have never used the helpdesk portal and never had a ticket created with ITP before then please give us a call on 02039715757 and we’ll set you up a user account.