The ITP Team has an in-house team of skilled and experienced Engineers who respond to project delivery and support requests. In addition , we have contracted IT Specialists, cabling Engineers , Programmers, Software Developers and Project Managers that we call upon as needed. The in-house Team has a combined Experience in excess of 60 Man-Years of providing Individuals and Businesses with IT Products and Services.

Meet the Leadership Team:


Alex Rocha

Alex has inherited the leadership of ITP from the previous owners. He is a geek at heart and loves the people side of Business as well. He loves creating solutions and value for Individuals and Organisations. He is also involved in several professional networks with a view to promoting the thinking, processes and Technology for the Leadership and Workplace of the future. In his spare time he rides bikes, reads avidly, flies Drones and cooks a variety of cuisines.

You can contact Alex directly on 0203 971 5761 or email

Mike Raitt

Bio to be added

You can contact Mike directly on 0203 971 5762 or email

Maaike Vlam

Maaike is part of ITP for the last 6 years and is responsible for keeping the accounts and office management of The IT Partnership. She gives a Dutch touch to the ITP, loves skiing (travelling overall) and likes looking after stray cats.

You can contact Maaike directly on 0203 971 5764 or email

James McNamara

James has been working at ITP / Statacom for around 14 years now. He started out doing PC builds and repairs and has since worked his way up to covering a wide range of IT areas, including Network & Server Support, Website design and implementation, VOIP Telephony and much more. James enjoys music and movies and getting outdoors for hiking and camping.

You can contact James directly on 0203 971 5763 or email

Oliver Scott

Oliver has been with ITP for nearly 4 years. He takes care of PC and laptop repairs, as well as installations of VoiP systems and fixing various other issues. Loves to snowboard, cook and play board games (not necessarily at the same time)

You can contact Oliver directly on 0203 971 5766 or email

Peter Baber

Prior to ITP, Peter had roles in IT Systems and Project Management, also somewhere in the mix, was some electronics engineering as well. He has been providing IT solutions and Project Management for clients at ITP for the last decade. In his spare time, he enjoys creating music, improving Hi-Fi systems, Photography and all that Internet streaming services have to offer. Often but not always, accompanied by a good whiskey.

You can contact Peter directly on 0203 971 5767 or email