ITP can connect a site to another site using the entire range of possible technologies both wired and wireless.

ITP can deliver and support Site to Site Wireless Connections, Leased lines & Ethernet circuits

Wireless Point to Point Connectivity
ITP has connected sites as far as 6 Km apart using point to point wireless Connections.

Wired Leased Lines
ITP’s circuits range from 2MB/s to 1GB/s and are suitable for direct Internet access, MPLS VPNs and point to point connections. We provision circuits from all of the major UK carriers at the most competitive pricing in the channel. We offer a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) on our leased circuits and 99.99% with a failover option. Services are available managed with a router or unmanaged as ‘wires only’. All managed circuits are proactively monitored 24/7.

Fibre Ethernet
Generally more suitable for higher speed access and at the upper end of the price scale. Fibre Ethernet provides a circuit end-to-end, from Premises to POP (Point of Presence) or premises to premises (Point-to- Point). Most carriers will use BT Openreach to deliver the local fibre circuit that terminates the circuit in the end user premises and others will provide their own fibre. Many will do both depending on the reach of their own networks.
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