Software – Operating System Software for PCs and Servers – Application software for Home and Corporate users, including accounting software like SAGE.We are partners with Microsoft, SAGE, Oracle, Symantec, AVG. This enables us to supply and support their Software.

Hardware – We build Intel based PCs, Notebooks and Servers. We also supply all brands of PCs, including DELL, HP, Sony etc. and peripherals like Printers, Scanners, Network switches and routers.

Repairs – We repair all kinds of hardware, as well as fix Software issues on PCs and Servers.

Support – We provide telephonic, remote support as well as Engineer visits for PCs, Servers and Networks. We additionally provide Business Critical Support for PCs and Servers under arrangement with Microsoft’s Business Critical support team.

Telephony – Conventional and VOIP telephone systems. We also provide PSTN and ISDN 30 telephone lines as well as SIP and IAX2 trunks for VOIP systems.We have provided Panasonic, AVAYA and Linux Based VOIP systems and are certified to administer TRIXBOX Telephony systems by FONALITY in the US.

Cabling – Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet and Fibre Cabling projects carried out.

Internet Connectivity – We deliver all types of Internet and point to point connectivity solutions, including ADSL, SDSL and leased lines.

Web – Registration, Hosting, Web and database Design and Web mastering.

Software Development – Our in-house and contracted team of developers create all varieties of bespoke software.

Finance – We have very competitive leasing arrangements for all our projects.