IT Support

The IT Partnership provides Support for the entire spectrum of IT Issues including Hardware , Software, Network , Database Broadband, Website Issues. Support is delivered in the Following ways: In-house Hardware and Software Repairs, Telephone Call with The Customer, Remotely via a secure Tool over the Internet, On-line via our Web Based Helpdesk, Engineer Visit to Client’s Site, or indeed a combination of these ! By using our services you agree to the relevant rates. ITP’s Support Charge Categories reflect the levels of skill , training and experience required, as follows:

  1. PC Support – Desktop and Portable computers , their peripherals and Residential broadband comes into this category.PC Support is charged @ £ 60 + VAT per hour , subject to a minimum charge for 1/2 Hour. If the support requires an Engineer visit then ONLY travel time TO the site @ £ 60 / hr is charged.
  2. Network Support – Small home and office networks without servers, or any work carried out in a small office where a server is not touched. Network Support is charged @ £ 75 + VAT per hour, subject to a minimum charge for 1/2 Hour. If the support requires an Engineer visit then ONLY travel time TO the site @ £ 75 / hr is charged.
  3. Enterprise Support – This is support to customers having issues in Networks with dedicated servers or networks with remote access configuations to them . Enterprise Support is charged @ £ 90 + VAT per hour, subject to a minimum charge for 1/2 Hour. Enterprise Support delivered remotely will qualify for a 20% discount to the Hourly Rate. If the support requires an Engineer visit then ONLY travel time TO the site @ £ 90 / hr is charged.
  4. Other Support – Support for any other IT related issue ie databases, websites, bespoke software investigations, Site Surveys etc is charged @ £ 90 / Hr + VAT unless otherwise notified and agreed.
  5. Engineer Day rates – These will be supplied on request.
Notes: All rates exclude Hardware parts, Third party data recovery or repair charges if applicable and VAT . Tailor-made Support Contracts are available for clients who expect to spend In excess of £ 6000 per year excluding VAT on Support and who are interested in paying in advance. The contract could then have preferential rates . The ITP does not generally offer capped amount or support contracts containing UNLIMITED Support .

Incident Based

ITP delivers a range of Incident based support services, from telephone and remote support tool to in-site visits for PCs, Servers and Networks. These services are charged for based on the time and experience skills required for resolution.

Managed Services

ITP provides Contract based managed Services for entire Business IT Infrastructure. This allows for proactive support based on Remote Monitoring and Management. Support Contracts can be tailored for the particular circumstances and offer peace of mind to Business Owners.

I.T. is critical to your business and will only become more critical as business processes demand you do more with the same headcount , money and time resources.
ITP has been supporting current I.T. infrastructure and hundreds like yours on and Incident based “break-fix” model i.e. when an incident occurs, we deliver support to fix it on a best efforts basis and charge for the time spent.

We therefore did not pro-actively monitor servers and Network and therefore are unaware of critical services like backup, security , disk space etc. having issues until the client contacted us.
That model was valid when I.T. was not as critical to the core business functions as it is now.

In today’s Business Environment, you need to have issues known to your IT company before they disrupt the business , causing expensive downtime and staff and customer dissatisfaction. In other words Businesses need a proactive “Managed IT Service” where specialist software and IT personnel monitor your IT regularly and can deliver remedial action well before it causes an issue.
ITP have in the past year have been trialling out such a service with specialist remote management and monitoring software as well as geared up to provide such a managed service and are now able to offer for your IT. The Software allows for the following main functionality, among others:

1. Automated monitoring and alerting – we get told as soon as there’s a problem
2. Automate routine tasks – routine maintenance, patch management and the rest – so our labour is on critical tasks
3. Highly flexible – write and run your own scripts or use the many and growing number of custom scripts
4. Integrated remote support – one click to connect to a problem device with our Take Control feature
You may choose to continue with your current support model and to receive Incident based “break-fix” support . However, as a responsible and long standing IT Service provider to business, ITP strongly recommend that you adopt the Managed Services Support we now offer particularly for older IT infrastructure.

ITP have invested in the software , personnel and training to deliver this higher level of service and support and we now look forward to your reciprocal take-up of this Service that is strategic to your Business.

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