Dell Warranty Support

If you experience a hardware issue with your Dell product within the warranty period this page will give you the information you need to get it resolved.

Dell’s warranty is fulfilled directly to the end user, with the Dell Equipment in front of them when reporting the warranty Issue.

This the quickest way to get support for your issue .

1) Firstly you can confirm if your product is under warranty or not by clicking the link below and typing in your service tag (What is a service tag and how do I locate it?)

Once you have put your service tag in you will see the warranty information on the first page that loads.

Click here to see if your product is under warranty

2) Call Dell Technical Support on 0844 338 1000 to allow technical experts to help you resolve an issue or answer a technical question about your Dell product. Make sure you are in front of the machine in case Dell ask to run through any checks.

Information to have on hand when you call

  • The Service Tag or Express Service Tag of your Dell product
  • The version of the operating system installed on your computer
  • The error message or beep code you encountered
  • A description of what happened when the problem occurred