Welcome to ITP !

ITP (The IT PARTNERSHIP) has a 28 year old history of serving customers in a straightforward and professional manner. ITP was trading in IT as STATACOM from 1984 to 2004 when its engineers took over the customers and the business to trade under the present name.

Turnkey IT Projects

ITP have the capabilities to design , supply , install and manage complete IT and Telephony Projects. This removes the hassle as well as creates a single point of contact for all the vendors and sub-contractors.

IT Support

ITP provide Incident Based and Managed phone, remote as well as on-site Support for PCs, Servers and Networks. We additionally provide Business Critical Support for PCs and Servers running Microsoft’s Applications with access to Microsoft’s Business Critical support team.

Disaster Recovery

ITP provide Onsite and Online backup solutions as well as data recovery and restoration.


ITP deliver all types of Internet and point to point connectivity solutions, including ADSL, SDSL , FTTC, FTTP, EFM and copper and Fibre leased lines upto 1 Gb. We also provide long distance wireless site to site connections .

Cloud Services

ITP host real and Virtual Servers on industry standard data centres.

Web Services

ITP carries out Registration, Hosting, Website and Database Design and Web mastering and website Content maintenance.


ITP supply Conventional and VOIP telephone systems. We provide PSTN and ISDN 30 fixed telephone lines as well as SIP and IAX2 trunks for VOIP systems.  We have provided conventional and VOIP systems both Hosted in the Cloud and at customer premises. Our partnership with the major carriers allows us to supply cost effective mobile phone contracts for Mobile Voice and data , both for Business and Personal Use. We also provide machine to machine connectivity via the Mobile Network. ITP  also supplies mobile hardware and handsets from the world’s leading mobile hardware manufacturers.


ITP supply all brands of PCs, Notebooks and servers including DELL, HP, Sony etc. We also provide peripherals like Printers, Scanners and the entire range of Networking equipment likeNetwork Attached Storage,  switches and routers.


ITP provides Operating System Software and Application software for Home and Corporate users, including virtualisation software , accounting software and security Software. We are also able to supply Software licences from all the major Software Vendors .